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bloggingit’s funny.
i haven’t really felt i have been part of the blogging community fully in recent times.
i kind of drift in and out.
i tend to be that way.
“all or nothing” is how i’m often described.
i like this space.
i feel no pressure to blog constantly.
it’s my journal that i share…
every now and then.
it contains only good stuff.
i have a husband and friends who i can whinge and whine to;
and i do – often, so the crappy stuff is generally out before i get here.

in my ‘all in’ effort of recent weeks
i have found myself quite happily in the world of instagram.
that space magnifies the everyday, i like that. a lot.
i have made new connections:
amelia from mamamuselibar is one of those:
she tagged me in her ‘you’re it’ post.
i’m not much into revealing too much over here.
reflecting on me.
but i will.
’cause it’s good to move outside your comfort zone.
i think.

describe yourself in 7 words:
passionate. fussy. perfectionist. learner. listener. introspective. mother.

what keeps you up at night?
thinking about everything I have to do tomorrow. often thinking about if i handled situations with my children the ‘right’ way – whatever the ‘right’ way may be. thinking of things to be grateful for. reminding myself not to worry about getting ‘everything’ done tomorrow. my husband:)

who would you like to be?
me. a mother who loves and is loved. a wife who loves and is loved. a friend. my theory is that everything else will fall in to place if the basics are covered.

what are you wearing right now?
levis. black top. black wedge campers. sri lankan gold bangles from my mum and grandmother. an imperial topaz around my neck purchased at auction yesterday by my husband. a smile as i type that last sentence.

what scares you?
i’m not sure i am actually scared. i try to focus on today, when i think of the future i really only have happy visions:) if i thought really deeply i would hate to think that i would never reach my full potential as a person but i’m not sure i’m scared that i won’t. make sense?

what are the worst things about blogging?

mmmm… that it can be addictive. you can end up spending more time blogging than actually living and then you end up with nothing to actually blog about. that’s sad i think – but it does happen.

the connections with like minded people that can be made. i guess it is kind of like having pen friends, you just don’t write to anyone in particular. it is a community full of support and inspiration. i have met some incredibly talented, inspiring and encouraging people that i really would never have known. i am so thankful for that. blogging is also an incredible vehicle to discover things about yourself that maybe you didn’t know. when i started out as ‘quarterofaninch’ my space was totally craft related, i actually discovered that what i enjoyed more was taking photos of my final product – my craft blog led me to a love of photography that i actually didn’t even know i had. i still love to make stuff. knitting is my current vice. i just like making pictures more.

what was the last website you visited?

what is the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
well generally i like me – is that okay? but i probably wish i had the same belief in myself that everyone else seems to have.

slankets – yes or no?
seriously? definitely no!

tell us something about the person who tagged you?
well, amelia is very new to me, but i have been stalking her blog regularly;) i guess i love her honest space – unlike me it does contain the good and the bad of everyday life – as a mother of 5 boys i totally relate to that, and sincerely find comfort in her honest thoughts.

thanks amelia. xxt

that was actually fun.

find me…

it seems we are everywhere
so many points of contact
so many wonderful ways to interact
and inspire one another

it’s strange to devote a whole post to all the spaces i linger online
other than here
but we all connect in different ways
and really
i don’t want to miss finding out where YOU are!

so i thought i’d let you know where i am and hopefully we can connect at at least one of them.

I have been on flickr from the very beginning,
it’s a nice community of photo makers
incredibly inspiring
and thankfully
recently upgraded
so much easier to use

i have to admit i’m not hugely active on twitter
i do shoot updates there though
of pretty much everything
i treat it like i guess it was intended
a newsreel
simple and instant

pinterest has taken a while for me to become fully involved in
but like most things
once i’m in, i’m in
that space says a lot about me i think
or at least what i like
a digital mood board

lover or hater of Facebook?
either way
i’m there too
i’d love you to pop in

and of course for all things yarn related
i can’t tell you how many relationships have been made over there
love it
if you love all things stick related
then we’ve probably met here already

and then there is instagram
i’m addicted
you will be too
if you’re not already

and i think thats a rap.

is there somewhere i should be that i’m not?
i’d love to know.
in the meantime
i’ll catch you around the place.

see you soon,
tam. x